Please find Year End Checklist ...

  1. Your PAN & AADHAR are linked ? 
  2. If you are Non resident INDIAN, Your Income tax profile is showing correct Residential Status.
  3. Have you made your Tax saving Investments U/S 80C ? Max limit is 1,50,000/- per FY. Click here to check eligible investments. (It may not apply, if you are opting new tax regime. still if you invest, it will help you to create retirement corpus.)
  4. Have you Renewed Your Health Policy ? You can Claim this U/S 80D . Limit of 25000/50000
  5. Have you paid all your life policy Premiums ? It is necessary to keep your life policy in force.
  6. Have you contributed to existing PPF a/c ? annual contribution is required to keep a/c live.
  7. You can contribute to NPS & claim tax rebate upto Rs. 50,000/- other than 80C . Click here to contribute or open new NPS.
  8. If you have sold any Property then have you invested in capital gain Bonds? Click here to check bonds.
  9. Or Have you deposited this amount in capital gain amount in Bank ? Click here to open Capital gain a/c .
  10. If you have purchased any property worth > 50 Lacs, you have deposited TDS ?
  11. If You are deducting any TDS then please ensure linkage of PAN & AADHAR of a Payee to confirm rate of TDS.
  12. Long term capital gains from equity or equity funds are exempted to extend of Rs. 1,00,000/-, If you wish to book the gains , you will have to book before 31st March. (Doing so has it's own pros & cons.)
  13. If you trade in futures & Options then do remember to check your turnover immediately after year end, so as to confirm need of AUDIT.
  14. ensure You have claimed your health checkup benefit from mediclaim policy if it provides so.
  15. During the year if there is any change in residential status/Email address/Mobile No etc, You have updated it to respective BANK, Broker, Fund, Demat service provider etc.
  16. Ensure you have paid your advance tax before 15th March, if it applies to you.
  17. If there is any death in the family, You have reported it to respective BANK, FUND, Company etc.


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